4 Helpful Apps For Very Busy People

We get it. You're busy. Probably too busy to read this blog post, so we'll keep it brief and promise you that at least one of our suggestions will save you time.


Taking cues from the much-loved (or dispised) Tinder swipe, Doo has created an App you'll love to use. Once you set up your to-do list they will appear in a stack. When items are due you can swipe up to complete the task or swipe down to swipe down to save it for later. It costs less than a cup of coffee, but its ease of use and beautiful interface makes it worth it.


If you type a million miles an hour and your emails tend to be littered with typos - this is the app for you. Install the app on chrome and type away. Any errors will be highlighted red, so you can fix them before hitting send.
PS: It's free.

Dropbox Smart Sync:

One of the best features yet, especially for those with a stack of files but no room on your hard drive to save them.
Smart-sync allows you to see and access all of your DropBox files from your desktop, without taking up room on your hard drive! 
While the list of apps is endless - we hope these suggestions can be of use!

Remember The Milk

Get those to-dos out of your head, store important files alongside your tasks and use Siri to help categorise everything! 
With a desktop app for quick additions and the ability to sync with your smartwatch, it's safe to say you won't forget the milk again!