Simone anderson interview

Simone is one of New Zealand's most successful influencers in the social media space. Her incredibly honest and often hilarious documentation of her life and journey thus far has generated a loyal fan base (sitting in the hundreds of thousands!) that tune in to get their daily dose of inspiration. We take 5 minutes to chat to this top-selling author and super talented make-up artist about her pending nuptials to the love of her life, Trent! 

Simone Anderson

Author, Make-Up Artist, Motivational Speaker and Influencer!

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When and how did you meet Trent?
We met just over three years ago on the dating app Tinder! Although the family got told it was a mutual friends BBQ for a while 😂 

When did you get engaged?
Trent proposed at the end of last year in November down in Queenstown. The views were spectacular!

What's the one thing you love most about your fiancé?
His kind and loving heart. He puts everyone else before himself. He would never say a bad word about anybody and I admire and respect him so much for this. He truly brings out the best in others including myself. 

When's the big day?
We are planning on March 2020! 

Is there any particular moment about your big day that you’re most looking forward to?
We are doing a first look, and this is the moment I can’t wait for! Seeing my handsome husband to be in his suit 😍

You are very organised and I know you've already half planned your wedding! What would be your top tip for newly engaged Brides to help them get organised? 
Invest in a good wedding planner! It literally gives you step by step instructions on what you should be thinking about down to timings etc. It’s been my best friend. 

What are your top 3 non-negotiables you want to have for your wedding?
Good food, great wine and a beautiful venue! 

Can you share any ideas you have for your Bridesmaids and Groom gift? 
We are both putting together special boxes with all the usuals, flowers, champagne, candles etc our more unique and special touches would be Moyork charge clutches for the girls so they have full charge throughout the day and charging cables for the boys to help capture special moments! 

What would be your favourite resource for all things wedding related
Instagram! The entire thing. I have tried to stay away from Pinterest as I want to create a look and feel that is my own and not have it modelled of perfect photoshop weddings. I have loved Instagram for inspiration as it showcases real weddings and special and unique touches each individual couple has focused on. 


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