5 Minutes With: Ashley Herbert

 Ashley is a multi-talented creative hailing from Auckland. She is one of the designers behind family-run New Zealand label, French Freddie and she also dabbles in interior design!
Fashion Designer and Interior Designer. I keep busy!

Social channel/website links: 
Personal Instagram: AshMStyle
Work Instagram: @FrenchFreddie
Facebook: @FrenchFreddie
What’s your favourite lunch on-the-go meal?
Sushi! I eat it almost every day...is that bad? 
    What’s your number one fashion non-negotiable? 
    Shoes! Always.
    If you were to wear one clothing item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    A good pair of jeans.

    What will finally break the internet?
    Cat videos. Though pretty sure they improve the internet.
    Top colour trends you're seeing in the Fashion and Interior design world?
    Can't get past blush pink! Seeing a bit of burgundy come through too, which I'm a wee bit obsessed with. It compliments most people too.

    What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?
    Best was a classic Tag Heuer watch I bought and the worst would be all the shoes I own that are just that bit too small! I don't know why I keep doing it to myself thinking I'll be fine to wear them.

    Who’s your favourite Kiwi/Aussie celebrity/influencer and why?
    Locally, probably Makaia Carr for her carefree attitude and ability to be real and say what almost every woman feels when it comes to their health journey at some point in their life. 
    Internationally, Chrissy Tegan and Annie Bing!

    What's your favourite Moyork product and what situation do you use it most?
    The Watt Powerbank! I actually have two, so one can charge while the other lives in my handbag. Absolute lifesavers.