Established in 2016 by two friends MOYORK is headquartered in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand.
MOYORK tech accessories are inspired and created with passion, innovation, originality and style. Our products are distinctive, sophisticated and highly functional. They are pleasing to the eye, and a pleasure to use.

our design process

User Experience – It all starts with trying to solve a problem or to make an existing solution better by creating products that offer a better user experience. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to create incredibly innovative and functional products.
Design and Style – Technology is a part of everything we do and why shouldn’t your tech products look great and inspire yourself and those around you. We look at a blend of timeless and current fashion trends and combinations of premium materials to help bring our ideas to life.
Testing and Prototyping – We are obsessed with creating flawless products that are of a very high standard. This is why we build several prototypes that go through rigorous testing and are modified until we are confident that the final product is right and fits with our brand ethos.    
Finally a new MOYORK product is born. 

meet the team

Gavin Moth
Managing Director
Varin York
Creative Director
Catrina Brier
Brand & Product Manager
Courtney Schwartz
Digital Manager
Jo Graham
Marketing Manager